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Officiant hacks #3They’re Looking for the Right Officiant

With an average of  500,000 new officiants being ordained each year, couples have more eager celebrants to choose from than you’d like to think.

Only the dedicated officiant survives and thrives.

When you’ve assembled your just-right ceremony materials together, when you know the who, what, where’s and when, you’ll create an experience your couples will always remember you for. Your reputation can quickly build into glowing reviews and referrals that cause you to thrive instead of blend into the crowded field of available officiants.

Overcome the Ho-Hum Ceremony:  Learn to Customize

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Today’s couples are looking for personalized ceremonies. Learn how to customize and incorporate your couple’s love story, what they value and what matters to them. The ceremony you create and deliver will be a memorable, meaningful and fun experience.

Even if you’re brand new

Knowing how to connect in a way that inspires a potential wedding couple’s confidence in your ability — even if you’re brand new — is essential to becoming a successful officiant.

When you’re willing to go above and beyond, couples sense they’re in competent hands.

When the all important dream wedding day comes, you’ll know what to do, how to lead the ceremony, and clearly understand what to do so that everything is LEGAL.

Put Sparkle in Your Ceremony :  Stand out without Sticking Out

Our programs show you how to stand out instead of blend in with the crowd.

Get the 4-part video series on Make An Ordinary Ceremony Amazing for great tips on how to customize your ceremony.

We help you increase your confidence, expand creativity and build an awesome reputation.

Whatever Your Officiant Style May Be

Whether you’re a

– Friendiant*
– Seminary Ordained Minister
– Devotee of Jesus
– Theme-friendly (Yes, you’ll wear a Star-Trek Uniform)
– Humorist or Traditionalist

This website and programs provide valuable information, resources and Networking hacksencouragement to take being an Officiant to the professional level. Whether you’re starting from the beginning or are an experienced Officiant, there’s something in the Ready, Willing and Able Officiant prep program to help you grow.

Get ready to explore!

Building a Reputation

If you’re an Officiant who’s looking for meaning in this work, our 8-part online course and blogs help you build a reputation that fuels your success year after year. You’ll find the keys to build a business that makes the most of  current opportunities so your business gives you meaning, not just extra income.

Officiant Resources and Support

With our variety of researched resources and support, you can clearly and skillfully create an amazing wedding ceremony that starts your couple’s celebration off perfectly (without being preachy, stuffy or holier-than-thou).

If you’re Willing to let go of old images and step into your unique abilities as a wedding Officiant…

If you want to be Able to effectively deliver the kind of ceremony your couple wants…

And you’re Ready to do what it takes to be your best self, the Ready, Willing and Able Officiant prep course is designed for you.

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Looking for a wedding ceremony script you can quickly use at short notice?  The Sample Wedding link below gives you a full script. It includes a Navajo Prayer, and the Sand Ceremony. Insert your couple’s names, exchange the personalization for a bit of your couple’s love story and you’re ready to go!

Sample Wedding

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I look forward to hearing your stories about happily leading your couples as they say their I Do’s!

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*Friendiant is a friend or family member of an engaged couple who’s been asked to officiate their wedding ceremony




5 Stress-Free Ways to Officiate an Unforgettable Wedding

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Tom’s brother has the rings — no mistake here!

So glad you want to reduce stress due to expectations and realizing that – hey — I don’t know what I don’t know.

Get your copy of the 5 Common Mistakes New Officiants Make by downloading it here: 5 Common Mistakes.


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