Comparing Shaman and Quickie Officiant Styles

Are you a Shaman or a Quickie Officiant?

Do you know what style of Officiant you want to be?

While there are shades of grey in between the two types of Officiants, in order to be found by the kind of clients / couples you want, you need a good picture in your head of who you’re serving.

I have a primary type, and occasionally I bend and get involved with ones who aren’t my ideal client. I’m a Shaman Officiant but I’ll do last minute Quickie ceremonies if the couple lets me add more meat.

Here’s the two types of Officiants as I see them:

The Quickie Officiant

An extension of a Justice of the Peace. The Quickie Officiant does shorter weddings for a minimum fee. His or her ceremonies are primarily out of a book they purchased from the online ordination service. The Quickie Officiant is primarily concerned with the number of weddings he or she can do in a day without as much regard to the content and movement of the wedding ceremony. They delight in drive-through weddings, last minute bookings, and love crazy theme weddings.

The Shaman Officiant

This Officiant is a creative personality. S/He has researched options and has compiled resources to help him or her put together the most stunning, inspiring ceremony possible. They may love theme weddings like Zombie or Star Wars, but they’re as happy to be part of a contemporary ceremony as they are a traditional ceremony.

So where do you fall in this spectrum?

One isn’t better than the other. What matters is how you see yourself. Because the people who need what you have to offer are looking for you. Are there common traits that go with being either a Quickie or a Shaman style Officiant? Let’s see…

A Few Pros and Cons of Being A Quickie Style Officiant

There a couples who only want a quickie wedding. Being reminded of the joys and responsibilities of marriage don’t matter to them. So your role as the Officiant is not as involved.

You have to depend on volume and probably more marketing because your fees are lower and you have to do more ceremonies to make enough money to live on.

Your couples may love each other dearly and be together forever. They want a simple, “I Do” and done wedding ceremony so they can be on with the joys and transformations of being married. They’re a no fuss, no muss couple.

OR — the couple has no depth. They don’t really care if their marriage succeeds or fails. At least consciously.

You can usually arrive at your wedding when it begins because you probably won’t have many set ups for special ceremonies. If you’re late it’s more than likely not a big deal.

The vows you offer your couple or that they usually bring to the table are traditional.

Your ceremony, exchange of rings and vows and pronouncement is usually over in 5 minutes at the least, 10 minutes at the most.

Pros and Cons of Being A Shaman Officiant type

Your couples tend to be more involved in creating their ceremony. They know the wedding ceremony ritual is an important statement and a community event.

You have a role to play because you realize you’re stepping into a role typically prescribed to men and who have a religious organization or tradition behind them. You are your own unique acceptance or twist on this role.

As a Shaman Officiant you investigate and care more deeply about your relationship with the couple, and may in fact, be a friend or family member.

Have to arrive early to a ceremony site to make sure more elements are set up correctly so they come off without a hitch or few hitches shall I say, during the live ceremony.

You take your time preparing a couple’s ceremony. That’s the good news. The bad news is it takes much more time to prepare a ceremony.

Your wedding ritual typically lasts from 15 to 30 minutes.

Your fee is much higher than the Quickie Officiant’s due to the greater prep time and delivery.

You truly want your couples to be sent off into their happily-ever-after by a really great ceremony.

You depend on referrals, more content marketing and networks, and good reviews to earn your living as a Shaman Officiant.

Tools  to Succeed as either a Shaman or Quickie Style Officiant

So, what kind of Officiant are you? What tools do you need to take on your job to the best of your ability?

Remember to check out the Ready, Willing and Able Officiant Prep Program to see how it can meet your style, and your needs.

Being an Officiant is a wonderful profession. Enjoy it no matter what your style is. And know I believe in you!

I look forward to seeing you the first one to walk down the aisle!

Rev Crystal Y

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