How to Add Value to Your Officiant Services

Fabulous Improvements

This year I’ve been able to add value to my Officiant services. The results have been fabulous.

Now I’ve made the decision to only offer one wedding package and it’s the higher priced one. Why? Because they’re much more fun, more memorable, and the feedback is soooo rewarding.

I realize by only offering a higher priced wedding ceremony that I may lose some clients. But I’m willing to do this because I want to have more fun.  Make more money. I know from the results I’ve been getting that offering a couple a unique experience that begins their life together as a married couple is so much more satisfying.

Add Value

It’s not that I just charge a high fee to create and deliver a wedding ceremony. I’ve also upped the benefits my couples receive. For sure, I’m always seeking better content, new ways to connect, bonuses and sharing information to make my couples’ lives easier.

Whether you’re more of a signature / signing Officiant or an Officiant who designs a ceremony for your couple, adding value adds satisfaction.

And life’s too short not to have satisfying experiences, right? Tell me if I’m wrong about that one!

Three tips of ways to add value

If you’re looking to increase your impact and bring in greater income into your officiant business, what value can you add to your services?

Here’s three suggestions.

  1. Choose a reading you think they would appreciate and email a pdf or link of it to them.
  2. Make a short welcome video saying how much you appreciate working with them and what they can expect from you.
  3. Provide a checklist that can make putting together their ceremony ideas easier.

Which one of these options resonates with you? Choose one option, don’t over do it to start with. Little steps, not big ones that lead to too much to do.

Hit reply and tell me which one you’re going to add to your services.

Then let me know when you’ve done the value deed. I’d LOVE to hear the reaction you got from your couple. I’ll bet it’ll be something that can really generate good officiant Karma AND build your reputation!

I’ll share which of these I’m going to do with my newest couple who hired me last night. Later.

But for now try one of these ways to add value to your services.

Stay tuned for more!

I look forward to hearing about your journey to leading couples as they share their I DO’s.


Rev.  Crystal Y

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