What It’s Like the First Time

First time weddingThere’s a first time for everything.

We all approach our first time anything with a mixture of excitement and insecurity. Because some of us may have an  adventurous attitude, we approach our first time with eagerness.

Others of us approach our first time within resounding echoes of “OMG what have I gotten myself into?” ringing like a gong in our mind.

I certainly did. I’d been speaking to, or leading a meditation for over 500 people every Sunday. Yet when I officiated for my first wedding, I was a nervous wreck.

There were only 30 guests expected to the couple’s backyard ceremony. The pair seemed very laid back. Seemed is the operative word. Unprepared is more like it. So was I. What a combo!

Here’s the story of what happened, and more importantly, what I learned. Hopefully it’ll help you not make the same mistakes AND realize you’re not alone when you approach and move through your first time!

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I look forward to hearing your stories of leading your couples in saying their I DO’s.

Rev. Crystal


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