How to Turn Inquiries into Clients

Doing the Fun and Fancy Footwork of Connecting with Strangers

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Turning Inquiries into Great Clients  just doesn’t work that way

What way, you ask? Thinking if you hang your shingle on your internet door,  people will come flocking to hire you just because you’re you.

There’s thousands of people competing for ALL of our attention — I get marketed to death too. But there is a key that will help invite people in so you can turn them into great clients.

Here’s the Key– Time and Knowledge

First off — There are few higher paying, greater satisfaction successes possible unless you can create what’s called your KLT – the Know, Like and Trust factor. This factor is about communicating your understanding and knowledge of the problems and goals of the strangers (also called “Potential Clients”) who are looking for an officiant. T

When you take the time to develop your KLT factor, they won’t feel taken advantage of or ripped off by whatever price you choose to charge for your services.

In fact they’ll be eager to hire you because they’ve come to Trust you.


Taking time doesn’t necessarily mean days and weeks. KLT CAN and does happen during a well-constructed consultation call. But it can also take days and weeks which is why have a CRM is essential to building lasting and less stressful Officiant ministry.

You’ll get guidance through this process in the Success Strategies for Awesome Wedding Officiants* program. More on that later :-).

Most businesses

Most businesses today know about the KLT factor. Even when you go into a drugstore which is primarily a transactional relationship, staff are urged to build on a version of the KLT factor. “What can I help you find?” Or commenting positively about the quality of a brand you’ve chosen. In a transactional relationship the business has something you want, you pay them for it, off you go.

This can work in reverse too! Like with your cell phone company. I always try to build on the Know Like and Trust factor because if I can do that, it’s more likely they’ll tell me about the best deals or go the extra mile to help resolve my problem!!

Transactional Officiants

Should you choose to be a Transactional Officiant, the KLT factor is not as important.

Transactional Officiants (previously referred to as a Quickie Officiant) means your signature has value to a couple. They need your Johanna Hancock on their marriage license in order for their union to be considered legal. T.O.’s are asked to do little other than lead a couple through their vows.

They have to say their I Do’s in front of witnesses who believe they are sober and sane, the T.O. signs their license and off you all go.

Value-Based Officiants

If you want your potential clients to invest in your value-based services, if you want to move you out of selling your signature for a nominal fee, if you want to be well-compensated for your work, then you have to take the time to move them out of believing getting an officiant is a purely Transactional event.

You have to connect with them, invite them into a bigger picture of a value-based (and much more fun) ceremony that your officiating services gives them.

They need more than someone to sign their license and then it’s off to the party.

Getting to Know, Like and Trust the Wonderful You

There’s no way you’re going to be able to collect a higher fee with someone that feels YOU are a complete stranger. Becoming a trusted, value-based provider doesn’t work like a transaction. Your clients are going to have to get to know you, like you, and then trust you before they’ll be comfortable with investing in your services.

Getting a Preview

In the Ready, Willing and Able Officiant Prep program, (RWA) you’ll be walked through the process of building your Know, Like and Trust factors. Parts of the program are being previewed in the bi-weekly Facebook live sessions of the Building Your Wedding Business in your Downtime winter series.

The entire RWA program walks you though set up, walk-though, delivery and self-care strategies for the new or experienced Officiant. Pieces like this one, Turning Inquiries into Clients, are add-ons to the program that you’ll be notified are available to you for free.

Facebook Live Series:  Building Your Wedding Officiant Business In Your  Downtime

These sessions are normally held the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month in my private I DO, Wedding Officiant Training Group. You can join by clicking the link below.

I DO, Officiant Training Private Group

Being an Officiant is an awesome profession. It’s fun, but not always easy to get started on the right foot.

My goal is to help you sail through the process, enjoy doing as many weddings as you can sanely handle. That means knowing what you’re doing and not settling for stumbling through a ceremony and turning off those strangers who believe me, WANT to find their officiant. So it might as well be you.

Know Like and Trust
Crystal Yarlott, Officiant and Collaborator
I DO Officiant Prep Programs

And as always, I look forward to hearing your stories about leading a couple as they say their “I Do.”

Rev. Crystal

*In development. Contact US to get on the waiting list

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