Offering Prayer and Modern Officiant

As a wedding Officiant are you comfortable offering prayer? There’s no right or wrong here about whether you offer prayer or not in your ceremony.

I always give my couples the option of prayer, a moment of silence, or none at all. They will get an explanation of the kind of prayer I normally offer AND that I am comfortable with whatever kind of prayer they prefer.

Here’s how I approach prayer, something that I have had a lot of training in, and experience with. If you’ve been ordained online and have no training or experience in your own life offering prayer, watch the video.

 Prayer Can Be A Bridge

Prayer can be a bridge between the couple who isn’t super religious and their family that is.

I often have couples who may have had a religious background but don’t practice that religion any longer. However, their family IS religious and they want them to feel comfortable and confident their marriage has an element of religion, even that their union is blessed by God.

I’m comfortable praying in the name and nature of Jesus Christ.

I aLearning m comfortable affirming the presence of Divine Love and adding a spiritual tone to the ceremony that isn’t addressing a deity outside of us.

Offering Prayer Can Be A Source of Inauthenticity

The bottom line is prayer can add a quality of depth and spirituality to a ceremony.

If you’re not comfortable and take on an air of pomp and rote ritual, it can be a source of inauthenticity.

So where are you on the spectrum of offering prayer in your ceremony? Let’s start the conversation!

Learning How to Pray

An option for you is the Ready, Willing & Able Officiant Prep Program. There’s a session where I discuss prayer, and give examples of prayers and blessings. The modern officiant can use and adapt these prayers to be religious, spiritual or positive affirmation.

Contact me for more information on the subject of prayer.

Check out the Ready, Willing & Able Officiant Prep Program to see if it’s right for you. I’m happy to talk with you about all the program offers. Contact me and let’s schedule a time to talk.

The Ready, Willing & Able Officiant Prep Program is an extensive  collection of processes and resources. I designed it to help the new officiant find more meaning, have less stress and experience more fun.

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As always, I look forward to hearing about you leading your couples as they say their I Do’s!

Rev. Crystal Y

Photo courtesy of John Tavner Snelson V as he leads a couple in prayer. Contact John in Oklahoma at