How Easy is it to Become a Professional Officiant?

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“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her drink” is sage wisdom in compact form that applies in so many situations! When you’re leading that horse over, and she’s curious, that seems easy. The rest may not be…

For example, you may have been led to become an officiant because of the satisfaction you felt after officiating a ceremony for your friend or family member. The people who’ve known you and seen you search for your purpose, even find your calling probably told you, “You seem like a natural officiant. You should try to do this more often.”

The Friendiant

So like many “friendiants” (friends or family members who’ve been asked to officiant for a loved one’s wedding) once you’ve had your first experience, your appetite is wetted.  You’re all in now. “I can do this,” you think. “I’d like to do more wedding ceremonies!”

You’ve been led to the water but now how do you make engaged couples want to drink from what you have to offer?

No doubt and thank you so much, you may get referrals from other friends and do a ceremony or two now and then. How easy can it get?

An Occasional Ceremony

Officiating for a few couples now and then may be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you want more weddings because being part of the day your couple will NEVER forget is so amazing you’ve gotta look at increasing your skills. Maybe even your confidence.

Am I wrong about that?

If you’re looking for more income, a wedding here and there won’t likely move you into the professionally skilled category nor create much income if you don’t move from average to awesome skills.

To be clear, I’m not negating making $50-$200 once and a while. Maybe that’s fine with you.

Is it?

The List Thins Out

Eventually your list of known contacts thins out. This happens in multi-level marketing schemes and it happens in any new business venture. It’s unavoidable that you’ll be facing the market of couples you DON’T know who are searching for a wedding officiant. Unless they have a friend they can ask to officiate for them.

When I stepped away from being a church minister I faced the same expanding field. The automatic connections with engaged couples who looked to the church for an officiant was severed pretty severely.  I was on my own. But “back in the day,  there weren’t hundreds of friendiants on the scene.

45-75% of couples are NOT going the professional officiant route anymore. That little tidbit was dropped on me during my interview with wedding planner, Stacy Horn of Juniper and Lace Events. (Watch my Facebook Live interview FROM THE OUTSIDE IN with her and listen to what she’s says around 3:45)

How to Create a Relevant Ceremony for Strangers

But connecting with strangers and knowing how to lead the step-by-step elements of a ceremony, how to create a relevant and meaningful wedding address (the talk that personalizes a ceremony) and elevate what makes these people right for each other, well that takes resources, skill and commitment.

You have to become familiar with your couple, and LIKE a friend who is, well, professional at nurturing an affinity with people.

Connecting with a couple is what is so satisfying as an officiant.

Being appreciated is also VERY seductive!

What makes your professionally successful in the long haul is knowing how to customize a ceremony to your couple’s desires with your wedding wisdom.

An Easy Profession

If you’ve become an officiant because it’s such an inexpensive profession to get into, to earn extra income in, ( in general the cost is $39 to get ordained online as opposed to the $1000’s it cost me to go through ministerial school!) you’re one of many.

Unless you’ve added skills and resources to help you excel, to rise above what the average licensee from an online ordination service gets, you can expect to stand in line for the couples who lack any preference about what’s in their ceremony. They’re fine with someone leading them in their vows and signing the papers that make their marriage legal. And chances are they’ll want you to do it for a low fee which, if that’s good enough for you, puts you on the hamster wheel of competing for “the deal”.

To cover your costs you’ll have to do a lot of ceremonies for cheap.

The Ready, Willing and Able Officiant Prep Course can show you how to make your  ceremony unique, fun, and romantic for any couple. There’s checklists and files that help keep you organized and on point. The tools you have access to takes you out of average and elevates your skills to amazing.

By taking this course, after you’ve delivered your second, third and tenth plus wedding, you’ll commonly hear your couple and their guests tell you, “You captured our story beautifully and we can’t thank you enough.” And they’ll mean it.

Here’s three options for you:
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Thanks for being you. I look forward to hearing your stories about leading your couple as they say their I Do’s.
Rev. Crystal Y


If you’re in the Detroit or Port Huron area, I’ll be leading a hands on workshop on Saturday, April 6 from 10 to 4:00 to teach new and aspiring officiants how to customize a wedding ceremony. I’ll help you make your ceremony part of a couple’s best day of their life, and one of yours too. For info and registration details, hop on over to Average To Amazing Workshop.