How Does Your Wedding Business Grow?

Garden hydrangea grow like business grow
15 years of growth

Summer time:  When flowers bloom and dazzle us. And when you learn how to make your business grow.

I love my flowers. I’ve got a few to share with you here. In my neck of the woods, in Northern Michigan this is a very busy time of the year.

It’s either wedding professionals or maybe it’s those pesky winery owners who remark how the vineyards are full of brides. This, my friends, is an area where people come in abundance to begin their life together as a married couple.

That was a fancy way of saying lots of people come here for the wedding.

Helping an officiant’s business grow

Because I work with officiants to help their business grow, I hear their frustration when they don’t get enough bookings. I get it. This year I too,  was  fearful that I wouldn’t get enough bookings to make ends meet.  But it turns out I’m up to par with last year.

Up to par is much better than falling short, TYG. And I’m still on target to surge ahead.

Enough about me. I want to encourage YOU, if you’re one of those who’s trying to discover how to make your officiant business grow. An important key is you have to hang in there. It takes time. Patience. Investing in yourself and yes technology. 

Is there ever a quick and easy way?

If someone says it’s quick and easy, they’re trying to trick you into something. Not that building your business has to take forever, but it most likely won’t happen tomorrow.

Unless you’re related to the Kardashians or Ellen.

In this 6-minute Youtube video, I share one of those flower analogies. Check it out:

So how does your garden grow? What are you up to in order to make your business grow this summer? Will you quit if things don’t work out right away? Or keep nurturing and tending to the contacts you make, the resources you find.

Will you continue to get ready for the new people who will find you at the right time, and help your business grow?

I encourage you to

  • Join the private FB Group to get more tips and techniques to help your business grow
  • Download the 5 Common Mistakes New Officiants Make and prepare yourself so you don’t stumble on one or more of the points I make
  • Explore how the Ready, Willing and Able Officiant Prep Program can help you succeed sooner that later. Does that mean tomorrow? No. But sooner, yes. I just put it on sale for $60 off until July 31. So check it out — sooner than later!
  • Contact Me and we can discuss how the business you want to grow is possible.

Thanks for becoming and officiant. And I wish you the blessing of wonderful, adoring, caring couples who appreciate, respect and pay you well!


Know Like and Trust
Crystal Yarlott, Officiant and Collaborator

Rev Crystal
Officiant and Collaborator