Multi-tasking Officiants

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People believe they’re good at multi-tasking these days. Before you stop reading this blog because you think I’m going to bash multi-tasking, wait just a sec. Give me a minute more of your time between reading and eating your lunch.

Doing more than one thing at once seems a necessary evil because so many of us have a to do list that needs serious negotiating with an army of helpers.

We all do it, even though there’s plenty of research (here’s info from Forbes) refuting our belief that we can effectively multi-task.

Multi-service Multi-tasking

Which may be one reason I read on FB pages for and by officiants that they can wear more than one hat at a wedding. The Officiant may be the planner, musician, the DJ or florist. Some are also the make-up artist.

One officiant doubled as the photographer. S/He must have had four arms in order to lead the ceremony AND take pictures at the same time!

A way to make ends meet

I know that making a living on an officiant’s fee alone can be tough. So adding more services seems like the logical things to do in order to help make ends meet.

Kind of like services multi-tasking.

Having tried it myself, I felt extremely fortunate that my bride was easy-going, gracious and much more flexible than I would have been.

Like when the very expensive cake I’d ordered for her on the day of her wedding was the wrong size. But I’d negotiated an alternative which she was fine with. And time changes for getting into the beautiful venue didn’t phase her at all.

What I don’t want to get caught up doing

But I don’t want to have to  manage a microphone that doesn’t work properly when I’m leading the ceremony. Or have to calm an excited vendor who’s running late and can’t find the location.

Getting the groomsmen to the site on time or replacing the wrong color goblets while I’m focusing on inviting the OM energy to the ceremony is a distraction I don’t want to have to deal with.

Multi-providing within the ceremony

Where I do “multi-task” is to add services to the ceremony itself.  The term is multi-providing bonuses such as offering a wide array of special ceremonies a couple can choose from. Or using a questionnaire that will knock their socks off and elicit stories that completes their ceremony in a wonderful way.

For me that fits the bill of commanding a higher fee. What I do isn’t really multi-tasking but it is being inventive, collaborative and attentive. All with the same focus – creating a meaningful ceremony and putting the couple at ease.

My one stop service:   Keeping my own energy focused and not spread out all over the place on the day of their wedding.

More power to you

This is what’s right for me. I know that necessity is the mother of invention. If you wear more than one hat by service multi-tasking, you’ve decided multi-services is necessary for you to have more fun and/or earn the kind of income you need. More power to you!

Wearing one hat

Focusing on wearing well that one hat, instead of multi-tasking or multi-servicing and providing that one focus is the choice I’ve made for my wedding business. I ask and receive a higher fee because of this choice. My chosen task:  leading my couple in a meaningful, fun, romantic wedding ceremony where I am 100% present for them.

Leave a comment what your situation is and how you came to be a one task or a multi-service officiant. We’d love to hear your story.


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