Wedding Tip Wednesday Part 2

How and Why to Offer a DISCOUNT

Offer a discount
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Discounts are a way to change your fee.

But you have to offer a discount for the right reasons! I’m going to warn you not to change your fee because you think you’re starting too high. It’s always better to start with a higher fee and then give yourself some wiggle room with good reasons to come down in your price.

You may have to feel uncomfortable for a while as you get used to setting a higher price, too.

When people accept your price, you will begin to prove to yourself people will pay what you’re asking for instead of being afraid they won’t.

All in for our mutual benefit

To offer a discount for officiating someone’s wedding ceremony can however, be a win/win for these reasons:

  1. People like to feel they’re getting a deal but you have to value what you do and not give a discount just because you have some of those old beliefs churning around.
  2. You feel you really connected with someone who has to be super mindful of their budget. You want to work with them anyway and FEEL YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOWER YOUR PRICE.

For very good reasons

Here are the reasons I use to offer a discount on my Officiant fee. The reasons certainly aren’t limited to this but these are reasons that make people feel good, and lessens you thinking you’re getting taken advantage of (even when you’re the one who offers the discount!) or are stranded with extra costs:

  1. You respect they’re a caregiver, or volunteer for a particular organization
  2. Teacher, vet, first responder, medical person
  3. Pay in full within 5 days (or however long you want to give them).

So there you have it. Ways to offer a discount AFTER you’ve set a fair fee for your officiant services.


Special Discount offer of my own

Now it’s my turn to present you with a special offer. This offer will be over September 28.

When you download the Setting a Fair fee and the Officiant Proficiencies materials, you will get an offer to benefit from the entire Ready, Willing and Able Officiant Prep Program AND the Unforgettable Officiant Email System for $119!

What’s in the Ready, Willing and Able Officiant Prep Program?

When you start out as an Officiant, having resources that are varied and can be used for couples with different values, needs and life styles lessens the research  load.

Having a selection of 12 ceremonies that are proven to inspire and elements that can work well together means you’re ahead of the crowd!

Add checklists to help you stay on track and interview questionnaires and you’re closer to being an professional. The checlists help you really get to know your clients, interview your couples and create a great ceremony.

Once you use these questionnaires, you by-pass a lot of the insecurities and unknowns of being an officiant.

You have how-to’s both in video, audio and pdf form about how to lead a ceremony from start to finish.

All adds to the confident quotient in your new business as a wedding officiant. Not having to research a lot of details and ask questions you may or may not get answers to in social media allows you to be all the more ready to focus on the couple.

The videos will prepare you for what’s next instead of wondering what the heck you’re supposed to do after the bride and groom are standing in front of you!

The Unforgettable Officiant Email system

This system is a set of email templates that invite people to connect with you, helps you stay in touch with them, and follow up for details AND after the ceremony is over. It’s a fill in the blank system with a scheduler that tells you when to send which email for the greatest impact.

Plus you get another bonus to help you set your fee and value your services.

You’ll get a links to check all that out with the discounted price will be part of the downloads, or you can check the offer out now:

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