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Get Booked More Often

Are you a brand new officiant who wants to improve your skills AND get booked by newly engaged couples? If so, Wedding Tip Wednesday (WTW) is a weekly 2:00 EST Facebook Live designed to help you get booked, get known, and create awesome ceremonies.

Each weekly WTW gives you valuable tips so you can get up to speed with other professionals. You learn how to make the connections to build your officiant business and direct couples to your services.  You get insights in how to take your skills from average to amazing.

Birds of a Feather

You have a unique energy that will draw to you those birds of a feather, or should I say, people who are of like mind. 🙂 WTW emphasizes how best to utilize your personality in the service of love. Be the kind of officiant you want to be, and learn the ropes easier and quicker so you get booked more often.

A Remake

Here’s a remake of the fifth video in the Facebook Live series, “Using the PPS Factor to build your officiant business.” PPS stands for Psychological, Practical and Spiritual factors. This series is a wholistic approach to building your business and officiating.

The PPS Factor is a road map that leads you to get booked more often.

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For more insight right away to help you get over the “what to do” blues, grab the PDF, 5 Mistakes New Officiants Make. Become aware of pitfalls and your knowledge makes it easier to get booked.

5 Common Mistakes New Officiants Make 

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