How Much Should You — Can You — Charge?

Setting a fair fee for your officiant services has  different levels of consideration

  1. Is officiating for your loved one something given as a gift to your couple? Then no, you don’t need to charge anything AND if they offer you a monetary gift to thank you, receive it in love. If you then want to make a donation to one of your couple’s favorite charities is another nice way to tell them you love them
  2. How experienced are you?
  3. Do you live in an area that in general has higher costs like New York or California? Then your fee calculation will be higher.


You should always do research in your area to find out what the range is for an officiant fee. Remember that those who are in the “Signers” and Justice of the Peace category usually don’t charge much for his or her services, which drives the price down.

Deciding on Your Fee

Don’t be afraid to raise your fee from others as long as you’re clear the value you deliver is going to be awesome.

While you’re working on determining your fee, be sure to listen to the FB Live video I did on May 24.

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