5 Common Mistakes New Officiants Make

New Officiants Can Make Mistakes — REALLY???

Officiants can be  some of the happiest people in the wedding industry.

We’re in the business of meeting people.

The business of traveling to awesome locations.

The business of love. And who doesn’t want to be surrounded by love?

It’s made the last 29 years of my life absolutely incredible.

And I learned the hard way — by trial and error, nerves frayed, rattled and rolled!

So rather than learn the way I did — by trying to manage the 65 plus variables that can be a part of leading a ceremony from start to finish —

Download the best list to bring ANY new officiant much more up to speed by showing you / him / her what to watch out for.

There’s no need to get on the roller coaster learning curve called trial and error.

The common mistakes new officiants make unknowingly can be — avoided.

If You’re the new officiant or the Friend you’ve asked to officiate for your wedding and you want to get to the fun in a ceremony easier and faster —

Click the ol’ button below.  Discover your way off the ups and downs of leading a ceremony now!

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