Practical Tips to Encourage People to Hire You 🎉🎉🎉

When researched tools come along and become  practical techniques you can use to encourage people to hire you, they deserve to be checked out. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 

So let’s do it!

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Building a Storybrand – marketing geniuses

One of my favorite websites and marketing experts is Donald Miller at 💖 I’ve made many changes to my website and branding because of the power of what he teaches. His messaging and techniques have definitely made a difference in my website message.

I love practical advice around messaging and marketing. Which is why I eat up the Storybrand podcast whenever it comes out, Building a Storybrand. When Don interviewed Allan Langer, author of  7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling Less, I was ready for the info.

What’s the real reason behind why people are more likely to hire us and we buy our “stuff”

There’s two inner reasons people buy things whether it’s our wedding wedding addresspackage, a sweater, car or cat.

 To solve a problem

Become a better version of themselves

In a nutshell 🌰, here’s three of the reasons people buy — and will hire you.

1. The price 💲 ends with a 9

There’s no logical reason for this working to encourage folks to hire us. All researchers know is it works. My theory —  9 is the last number before the sequence evolves into a bigger number. It’s the end of the smallest prime numbers so it designates the last chance.

Researchers took 3 of the same blouse and priced one $34, another $39 and the last one $40. When the $39 exact same blouse sold way beyond the other two, the results should make us take notice.

Instead of offering your services for $300, try $299. $199 instead of $150. The best way to prove this is to test it for yourself.

2. Give people 3️⃣ options

People like choice, Langer says. I believe it. I’ve experienced this and so I have three wedding packages (high priced, mid range, bare services / lower cost.  I also offer three pricing options. Always start with the highest number when you’re presenting to someone you want to hire you. Tip:  While some will absolutely purchase the highest price or go for the biggest deal, the one you really want to promote should be the middle offer.

3. Put the price 💵 inside of a story.

How did the seller get useless objects at a garage sale and sell them for an average of $57? He couched them in a story he made up.

🌠 We don’t want to make things up. But we can always tell our potential customer what led us to create the package, or set the stage by sharing a comment a client has given you. 🥇🥇🥇

hire usA bride’s father stopped me once and told me how much he liked the ceremony I’d led — the best out of his three daughter’s ceremony. He went on to compliment me more. But there’s times when I embed my higher priced package in this story. It gives my potential clients context and proof my services are worth it.

What kind of story can you use to illuminate your price, your services, and make it easier for people to hire you?

Is this unfair manipulation?

Now I know when I first heard all this I felt a twinge that this was outright manipulation. But as JJ suggests, let’s think of using these techniques to encourage people to hire us this way.

🏵 We want people to buy 🤝 from us – the product is the experience we provide through the ceremony we create. Icing on the cake is how important the relationship we build is.

We make it harder 😾😨 on people to buy from us when we don’t use the principles that helps them easily see the value of and want what we have to offer.

👍🏿👍👍🏾 So again, the best thing to do is test this research out.  Which one will you try? I hope you find it leads to more people who hire you.

Example:  if you have a website,  offer your package for $299 instead of $300 for a week. Compare your sales to the week before you changed the price.

Give people three options. Create payment plans, discounts and straight fee. Three packages to choose from or that you tell them about  but recommend one that in your expert opinion, is more what’s right for them. (I don’t always recommend the most expensive one).

If you don’t have three packages, stay tuned for the new module of the redesigned, renamed, more complete Ready, Willing and Able Officiant course. Good Karma Marketing is based on good energy, both giving, sharing and receiving. This module will lead students through how to create a high priced and mid-priced package. This module that will also help people hire you, should be coming out in a few months.

Again, be sure to get on my mailing list by clicking Contact Us. I’ll be having a pre-sale offer in the next few weeks.

If you haven’t checked out the freebie, 5 Common Mistakes New Officiants Make. Make the right messaging choices and know what you’re doing when you’re standing in front of your couple, their family and  guests.

Please leave a comment and let’s see what people choose to do.


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Rev Crystal, Officiant and Course Creator

3 unscary ways to change perceptions

You’re an unscary person by nature

Not everyone at a wedding is looking at the officiant as someone they want to meet.

They have, we all have, our preconceived perceptions. Tell me if I’m wrong about that, please!

No matter how great of a job you do as an officiant, people may shy away from you. In fact, some look downright uncomfortable when you walk their way as if you’re a really scary person out to do them harm.

There’s been times when I looked at a wedding guest, and I wondered if they thought if they talked to me, I was going to put them on the spot.

A way to help change your own perceptions — Wedding Tip Wednesdays on Facebook

A scary, uncomfortable spot.

No vampire fangs

It’s clear I don’t have vampire fangs nor horns coming out of my head. I’m pretty darn sure I don’t give dirty looks or convey any vibes that I expect a confession about anyone’s lack of attending church or not praying every night.

I can’t tell you how many plane trips I’ve taken and when the poor person next to me asked me what I did for a living and I told them I was a minister. Oi vey. People sometimes sank in their seat and the conversation would revert to something they felt guilty about.

After enough of these kinds of encounters I just told row mates that I worked with people on a personal level. Then we could have a decent conversation.

If religion never came up I’d be happy as a clam whether at a wedding or on a plane, train or in an automobile.

Projection and expectations are scary

Too often when people hear the word “minister”, “reverend”, even “officiant”, they are unconsciously scared. They may assume you’re religious and by association, judgmental. They may irrationally think you’ll have expectations they can’t live up to (“I don’t go to church even though I know I should”) , (“Then don’t if you don’t want to,” I say to myself).

These fears of expectations originate in the eye of the beholder, in that person’s perceptions.

Ego happens

Or on the other end of the spectrum, certain guests want to match up holiness points. (It happens, what can I say). A kind of spiritual pissing match. “Oh yes, I can officiate too.” “I pray every day.” “My pastor is my best friend.” (I’ve heard them all.) It’s scary to see the ego come out that way, but again, it happens.

The sad part is

What can end up happening is people shy away from making a connection that could be really fun, helpful and even meaningful.

And yes, may even give an opportunity for you to receive a well-earned compliment. “That was really a nice ceremony you did.”

Tim is not a scary cat
My cat Tim is a very soft purrer

Ah, purr….

Lesson Learned

The bests unscary way to connect with people as who YOU are is to help change perceptions. To avoid the perception of-who-I-am-and-what-I want-from-you trap, I have a few questions I ask that help a huge amount to smooth the choppy waters of discomfort.

One caveat

Let me say quickly here as a kind of caveat that I believe it is our inherent nature to love and let ourself BE loved, but time and culture have made us wary and maybe even downright scared of each other.

Questions to break the ice

So here are the major questions I use that can help you if you run into the same kinds of situations (and I’m SURE you will).

  1. “Who of the couple do you know?” is the first question.
  2. “What can you tell me about him/her?” comes next.
  3. “How long have you known bride/groom?” works well for the last question.

These simple questions can break the ice and give you an opportunity to connect with a friend or family member of your couple. But you may also make a connection with someone who’s either getting married too, or knows someone who is getting married.

You can’t be on all the time

Really, though…you shouldn’t have to worry about making everyone comfortable or always making a connection. That’s not possible. You can’t be “on” all the time.

Sometimes I’m not in the mood for meeting people. But when I do walk out into a gathering of wedding guests, drinks in hand or searching for one, It’s much more fun to engage people.

When you do want to connect and make the impression YOU want to make, try using these questions to break the ice before or after a wedding you’re a part of.

Moments to remember

A nice connection can lead to moments you’ll remember, and hopefully they will too. You may be one who helps others to realize not all officiants/ministers/pastors are created from the same disparaging cloth. We’re really quite unscary!

How I can help

Helping you get more confidence and skillful is what I’m here for. I want to help you make a connection and build your reputation as a great officiant without risking sticking your foot in your mouth.

When reaching out to people you don’t know is done right, schmoozing with guests and breaking the ice will be a great way to get more credibility as an officiant. Being unscary is easier and more fun than you may imagine it to be.

Before you officiate next time

Please feel free to fill out the Contact Us form (won’t take rocket science to figure it out) before you officiate for your first wedding, big or small. We’re here to help you make the most of your ordination and show up as the most unscary person at the wedding.


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Rev Crystal

Your unscary helper,

Rev Crystal