10 Ways for Officiants to Create Income from Home

Officiants can create income from home

Here’s a Facebook Live Video I edited with ideas how officiants can create income from home.

create income from homeWe may be freaked out by the number of weddings that have been cancelled or rescheduled.

You and I may be waiting to see who will be forced to change plans that have been carefully put in place. We’re in this together and we will make it together. Hang in there.

To explain my vanity

Why in the world would I edit it?

Because the GO LIVE button for this how to create income from home session was pushed before I was ready,  the camera was right next to my face. I was shocked that this wonder of modern camera equipment showed every single wrinkle on my face.

I can be vain and I make no apologies. After carrying around 50 pounds four years ago and keeping it off, I’m continually grateful I still look as snappy as I do at my awesome age. To save us both more trauma than we’re already going through, I edited out the many “um’s” and “so’s” I always make.

Create Income from Home for Officiants from Crystal Yarlott on Vimeo.

To Do’s

Several of the points in this video and list are also options you should set up in your business if you don’t already. Like a Privacy Policy. With time on your hand, this is the perfect time to get one together.

Here’s my Privacy Policy. Feel free to adapt it for your purposes. I too adapted this Policy in the beginning. Let’s not reinvent the wheel.

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There’s a list of these To Do’s and Income Creators too. You can get them here: