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Good Karma, a Service Contract, and Unprepared

Networking hacksThe president of the United States wasn’t the only one who couldn’t envision this unsettling, tragic time of resetting our world. When can any of us ever remember the whole world stopping?

Our service contract

What’s been brought to the fore front by our turning a blind eye is we’ve been unprepared for pandemics and natural disasters. It’s time to rethink our service contract.

As an officiant, I’ve been pretty loose when it comes to my service contract. I’m not fussy about getting retainers and only once in rewording an Agreement did a bride back out and take advantage of my forgetting to add back in the non-refundable stipulation in all my other service contracts.

I’ve been pretty lucky. Good karma helped make that possible, I hope!

May a vaccine is created sooner than later.

Let’s encourage testing becoming widely available.

I hope there’s a peaceful transition of power in November, 2020.

In the meantime

We must find a better balance between being in business as an officiant, and how to keep the energy positive aka Good Karma. We want to do all we can to make a couple’s day  as full of good energy as possible. This takes some extra consideration nowadays.

In the very least we should be aware of alternative ways to make clearer what actions are legally allowed and which are negotiable. I hope this video is helpful.

To request the materials I created to show you how I reworded my contracts, you can request the download here:

Business and Good Karma

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