Investing in the Vision

Do you have a Vision to Invest in?

Trained OfficiantsOfficiants don’t often have a vision for their wedding business they’re willing to invest in. Most of us are at a take-what-we-can-get level.

Especially since Covid-19 crashed the wedding.

Many of us need to create income. Our full-time work may have been put on hold, and doing a wedding is a chance to bring some money in.

I understand that. I’ve said yes to weddings I truly wish I could say no to.

At the same time, building a business as an officiant doesn’t go on hold.

If you’re like me, when you look around the landscape of different scenarios you can plug into, safety is for sure #1, but the next is, what it’ll take to book 15, 50 or 100 weddings this season? Is there something I can invest in that will propel me forward, despite all the havoc this virus is wrecking on our lives?

Lowest paid professionals

Officiants are some of the lowest paid professionals on a wedding team. But we’re the ones who comply with the accepted cost of hiring an officiant, right? We can’t blame our fee on anyone else taking a bigger bite of the pie because we’re lost. Wandering around without investing in a vision of what’s possible.

Didn’t someone say, “all things are possible with God”? (How you define God is up to you.)

Part of creating a vision and going for it, is first of all learning to value the services we offer — more. We help no one by diminishing the importance of the time we spend creating and delivering an excellent wedding ceremony.

A vision of where we want to go, and investing in that vision, can help us get out of blame.

In the meantime

Having a vision doesn’t just pop into our heads in the middle of the night. Not for most of us anyway. Officiants tend to be  cautious when it comes to investing in hiring help, taking courses that would improve our skills, hire staff, or advertise.

When you’re serious about building a wedding officiant business there comes a time when you realize that the cost of NOT advertising is too great. That if it costs you $700 to get 10 weddings that you charge $400/each for, then the investment is worth it.

How much better of an investment is it when you pay a wedding website to list your business that’s a fee that takes your profit margin and desire to serve into account?

This is the case with the new

Donna Lynn joined me recently for a Facebook Live to tell us about the Officiant Directory. I hope you enjoy it!

Tell Me More Interview with Donna Lynn, the from Crystal Yarlott on Vimeo.

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Namaste ya’all! Take the leap. Invest in your opportunities to succeed, exhibit competence and add value! It’s all an experiment so you might as well go all in!

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