Patricia Burgess, 50 years of experience

Patricia Burgess is a wedding officiant trooper.

experienced officiant
Patricia Burgess congratulating her couple

A trooper AND an officiant full of knowledge she passes on in this 45 minute video interview.

In the ’70’s Patricia was one of the first woman wedding officiant who brought flavor and pazzazz to the wedding officiant field. She’s a true trailblazer and you can sooo tell from her stories the she loves being an officiant. As someone who has a high regard for her couples, they come to love her.

How to run an officiant referral team

Listen to find out how she manages her team of referral officiants — quite a unique process to be sure.

During the interview you’ll hear the story of her favorite wedding and a very difficult wedding experience. There’s no sense if you’re new to compare yourself with the 50 years of experiences, Pat but with the new officiant, Pat.

I hope you enjoy this interview. And as always, these interviews are presented by the Kickstart Course for New Officiants. available for a $100 off during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here’s our lovely Patricia Burgess, Your Wedding, Your Way, Georgia

Avoid the Common Mistakes New Officiants Make

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