Sure Fire Way to Drive with Tire-Kickers

Tire-Kickers – we’ve all heard from them, maybe even harassed by them.

They’re also known as price shoppers.

When you’re an Officiant, and in general, one of the lowest paid members of a wedding team (one of my pet peeves) you may want to increase your fees because you realize charging below rates doesn’t really bring in that much income. Especially when you figure in your interview, creative, travel time.

But then there’s the fear if you don’t offer a lower cost service, you’ll be passed by.

Interestingly, tire-kickers may find you like a bear finds honey.

Which leaves you in a quandary. Your inner dialogue may be “is this all there is?” “How can I get out of this rut?”


Now stay with me. Because this is going to seem counter-intuitive.

Because one of the most common reasons we attract tire-kickers isn’t because of our price, but because we’re not offering anything innovative. Nothing unique.

The answer then is to create a service, a perspective or a connection with a couple that’s different. Then your unique piece of the wedding day is going to look different from an officiant who hasn’t put much thought into the process and is willing to succumb to the tire-kickers challenge.

Social media sleuthing

One of the ways you can communicate your uniqueness is through the photos that you feature on your website or social media.

I challenge you to look through an Officiant’s social media  — you’ll get bored after a while because you see a zillion photos of an officiant standing next to their couple looking straight at the camera.

What kind of a photo could you take that would add appeal and make a couple curious about what you offer? Maybe you could ask the groom to let you take a photo over his should as he waits for his bride or groom to walk down the aisle. Give it some thought. I’m sure it will pay off for you.

Add your own snap

How else could you add some snap to your offering?

What kind of service could you offer that would stand out (and allow you to raise your fee)? Could you arrange pet sitting or dog walking services for an animal lover? Provide a list of your favorite vendors, wedding songs, directions to writing a best man’s speech?

How about making a welcome video instead of sending a “Glad to be working together” email? (You do that, don’t you?)

Zip and dazzle

One of the lessons in the Kickstart Course for New Officiants is a process for determining your special zip and dazzle. (I shoulda called it that!)

For a limited time, the Kickstart Course is being offered at a discount with a listing in the Officiant Directory. It’s the DYNAMIC DUO PROMO!!

You can get both of these for $150.

You can’t lose with this deal, my fellow officiant. Because on August 1, the Kickstart Course is tripling in price because of the immense value it offers.

Check out this offer TODAY before this very affordable price goes away.

Sure-fire way to change a leopard’s spots

The sure-fire way to move a tire-kicker along gracefully OR even turn that person even into a client (sometimes a leopard just can’t change its spots) is be different.

When you determine what’s so awesome about you, it really doesn’t matter so much what you charge. What matters most is how you make your couple feel because you’re giving them the benefit of an innovative perspective that helps them have the ceremony of their dreams.

Remember, the Dynamic Duo promo is over August 31, 2020. Check it out.


Offer ends August 31, 9:00 Pacific time

Contact me for more info.

Namasté and let those tire kickers move on!

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For more info on what’s in the Dynamic Duo Promo:

When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know about Officiating from Crystal Yarlott on Vimeo.