Here’s some videos (under 5 minutes) to help you get oriented as a new or aspiring wedding officiant. Be sure to check out the Wedding Officiant Prep FB group @IDOWeddingOfficiantTraining for more videos, downloads and ideas.

5 Essential Mind Sets for a More Successful 2019

You are a wedding professional! Yea! Awesome! Hallelujah!

An Officiant’s medium of “exchange” is love. That’s pretty awesome.
We have the authority to set 2 people off on their journey into the mystery of life in a “formal” way even though the commitment has already been made within themselves.
We’re never being rejected. We’re being redirected. Man’s rejection is God’s protection.
There’s more going on than meets the eyes. There’s spiritual components to our life and unseen hands helping us. Trust this is true.
Freedom, growth and joy is the reason we’ve been led to be an Officiant and why the couples we marry (to each other!) are brought together.

Being a wedding professional is awesome. Love it and it will love you back!

10 Steps to Turning Inquiries into Clients

Video about building the well-known KLT factor, check out how to zero in on naming the conflict or problem potential clients are facing that a couple is glad to have a good wedding professional solve.
As Terry Knight says, “A higher paying couple loves to buy but they hate to be sold.”
Maybe KLT can stand for Kindness, Love and Touching.

Wedding Professionals:  A Resource for Your Couples

Having a list of possible wedding locations for couples who may live out of town is a great service to provide for them as a wedding professional. Know which site and venues charge a fee. and which ones that don’t.

I get asked often enough where two people can have an Elopement Ceremony. This video is one of my favorite local parks on the beach for a small, intimate wedding. It was just improved by the township I live in. It has restrooms, picnic tables, a lookout platform, walk ways, a swing set for kids (both big and small kids kids) plus wooded areas AND lots of beach.

Contact me for more information to find out what program is right for you.