Who’s Got Your Number?

Number One topic

“How can I get more leads?”

your number
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This is the number one topic when I ask officiants coming into the private Facebook group how I can best help them.

I share a lot in the Facebook Group of the many proven techniques I use to get leads, and follow them.  I’m always scouting for new ones so I can pass them on.

You can learn where to go and how to get your name out. Yep, I can point you in the right direction.

The Good Karma Marketing program that’s half finished and on the production block will detail those directions more completely.

Telling What Your Number Is

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When you get those leads, you’ll eventually need to tell your interested couples what your number is – what your fee is.

What you’ll do is set your number somewhere you feel it’s reasonable. Tell them and hopefully explain why your number is worth whatever it is.

Whatever your number is, it’s an outer number. While that outer number matters, it’s your inner number that matters the most.

My Mother the Finger Wagger

Finger Wagger from FB Live
Finger Wagger’s grown up daughter

My mother used to challenge me when I’d try to pull the wool over her eyes or scam her somehow (to give me more chocolate when I’d had enough or not ground me for coming home late from a party, for instance) she’d look at me and say, “I’ve got your number, lady.” She meant that she knew what was really going on and I’d best stop trying to fool her. (You can watch the Wedding Tip Wednesday about this topic of getting our numbers by following this link:

Who’s Got Your Number?

Thoreau said, “Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

Now…maybe you’re ready to click off this blog but bear with me. Hang out a minute longer because this is important.

The K-Mart Factor

If you don’t value who you are and what you do, if it’s ONLY about making money and there’s no real connection, that got your numberyou’re destined to fall prey to the K-Mart factor.

Because officiants – maybe because there’s so many of us and we want SOMEONE to officiate for or we settle for some business being better than no business – we undervalue what we do. So our number is set low.


(Which by the way makes it harder for officiants overall to raise the value of our profession.)

K-Mart offered a pair of shoes that may have looked stylish, but they felt bad on our feet. There’s was little or no arch support. They’re cost number was cheap though, so we bought them.

But in a few months or so, we had to buy another pair because the cheap glue that attached the shoe to the soles had fallen apart quickly.

Repeat Buyer

So we went back and bought another pair. Same thing happened after they got wet when it unexpectedly rained. The

Rain has got your number
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bargain shoes disintegrated. Back to K-Mart we went, and bought another pair. Before we knew it, we’d spent more money on 3 or 4 pairs of shoes than if we’d saved up and invested in one good pair of shoes from Macy’s or Zappos.

Plus our feet hurt, then our knees hurt, and can you guess where this is going? At 50 we’ll need a knee replacement.

The Cost of Cheap

The cost of cheap is actually higher that investing in quality where your feet will feel better. The shoes are still wearable 2, 3 or more years down the road.

Let’s remember that K-Mart failed to upgrade their image and went out of business.

Cheap Officiants

This is true for the kinds of ceremonies you offer, and the silent number you put out about your value as an officiant.

Who's got your number
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An officiant gets to do a job that is super fun. AND you’re also helping two people to sign up for one of the most challenging and rewarding involvements of their life.  Next to having kids or caring for a loved one during a severe illness or their end of life experience.

When you value the joy and the importance of what you do, your inner number is higher. When you set yourself up for attracting more leads, you’ll get more quality folks finding. People who’ve got your “real and reasonable” number.

But if marrying two people is just something to do, to make some quick cash, your selling cheap shoes. You’re dealing in low numbers. You’ll get cheap buyers and to make real money you’ll have to do lots more weddings which believe me, even if you’re just a signer, it can wear you out.

You’ll get stuck competing for low price shoppers, for cheap numbers. My guess is you’ll resort to advertising on Craig’s List or Thumbtack.  The latter of which (I’ve been told) ends up costing you more than if you’d paid for a basic storefront on WeddingPro.

What Kinds of Leads are You Getting?

Building a viable officiant business is not based solely on how to get more leads, but what kind of leads do you get and what connects those leads to what you’re offering?

Wouldn’t you rather do two weddings a month for creating a higher value, higher number wedding service? You’ll get

sheep hear your number
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to spend more time with your couple instead of get stressed out competing for ten cheap weddings each month.

People get your number. They know when you value your position as an officiant and when you don’t. When they have your number and it matches their internal number, you connect.

Jesus said your sheep will hear your voice. Or should I say your cheap will hear your voice.

Those who resonate with you will find you.

Alan Berg wrote in a recent blog, “The challenge for creative people is putting a price on your work. Notice I said price and not value. Price is the number you ask the customer to pay. Value is the number the customer is willing to pay. If you always have to discount your prices to get the customer to say Yes, then they’re not perceiving that the value is equal to the asking price. They perceive it to be lower. The short answer for that is to know when to say ‘No.’”

What’s That Number of Yours Again?

Will you give out a number that reflects your worth that people want to invest in? Or will you offer a cheap pair of shoes that wears you out?

If you want to add to your number by adding value, download the Fees, Discounts and Value PDF I created for a 2019 Facebook Live. Click the headline to download:

Fees, Discounts and Value


Because the bottom line number, the most important person to get your number is you.

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